Watch our Webinar: How to scale SKAN campaigns on Meta

May 17 · Nick Schultz · 1 Min read
Watch this full webinar to learn how to enhance and scale your mobile user acquisition strategies on Facebook using SKAN campaigns.
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Staying ahead of the game is crucial for success. In the ever-evolving world of mobile user acquisition (UA), accurately measuring the effectiveness of UA campaigns can make or break a marketing strategy. And settling for mediocre results is not an option. In How to Scale SKAN Campaigns on Meta, industry experts share actionable tips to enhance marketing strategies on Facebook using SKAN — Apple’s privacy-centric solution for attributing app installs and measuring ad campaign performance — and insights to improve UA measurement.

Our expert speakers include Matan Naim, Client Services Team Lead at mavens, Nebo Radovic, Director of UA at Zynga, Eran Friedman, CTO & Co-founder of Singular, and Reut Kogan, Analytical Lead, Global Gaming, at Meta.

If you missed it live, you can watch the full recording here:

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