Watch our Webinar: What it Takes to Succeed in the Business of Mobile Games?

September 1 · Ron Gordon · 1 Min read
In this session, Jonathan Fishman was joined by Adam Jaffe from Mega Studio, who shared tips and insights from the life of an experienced game developer and marketer.
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What does it take to succeed in the business of Mobile Games today? Do you know how to optimize new growth opportunities?

For this webinar, Storemaven’s VP of Growth and Marketing Jonathan Fishman talked with the Founder and CEO of Mega Studio – Adam Jaffe.

Adam shared his vast experiance in the mobile gaming realm, and gave a few priceless tips on many different kinds of aspects, from games ideation, monetization, privacy changes, creative and more.

If you’re a game developer or marketer, don’t miss this one.

Watch the full session here: