Zynga captures 80% ARPDAU gain from new ad mediation platform

April 20 · Nick Schultz · 3 Min read
Despite recessionary headwinds and limited targeting brought on by privacy rules, Zynga was able to realize a significant increases in ARPDAU, revenue, impressions, and CPMs with Chartboost Mediation.‍
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Zynga, a global leader in interactive entertainment and wholly owned subsidiary of Take-Two, is known for its massive reach in more than 175 countries and portfolio of iconic franchises that have generated over 6 billion downloads on mobile.

Despite its success, Zynga faced the daunting task of quickly replacing its ad mediation solution without disrupting ARPDAU (average revenue per daily active user) growth, its most critical success metric. Zynga sought an ad mediation platform that would subvert the practice of giving self-serving advantage to certain demand. 

Chartboost Mediation quickly surfaced as a highly flexible, publisher-first, in-house solution. Other mediation platforms didn’t quite fit the bill, whether incapable of working with every demand source, lacking user experience configurability, or limited in visibility and control of advertisers and ad experience. With Chartboost Mediation, Zynga was able to set up real-time bidding through unified auctions to ensure optimal ARPDAU, fill rate, render rate, and total revenue. In August 2021, Zynga completed its acquisition of Chartboost, which has become an integral component of the company’s mobile advertising leadership and full-stack technology that can be applied across its game portfolio and Chartboost’s advertising partners.

“In short order, Chartboost leveraged a seasoned team of technical experts and concierge services to build a world-class in-app bidding solution that is equal to the task of mediating our games — which are the gold standard in the mobile industry,” said Scott Koenigsberg, chief product officer at Zynga. 


Zynga’s adoption of Chartboost Mediation has been a success, making remarkable strides in many key metrics within months of implementation. Despite recessionary headwinds and limited targeting brought on by new privacy rules that caused all major mobile gaming genres in the Western markets to decline in the first half of 2022, Zynga was able to realize an 8% increase in ARPDAU on Empires & Puzzles — its first app to launch on Chartboost Mediation.

Soon after, Game of Thrones Slots Casino was rolled out as well and immediately saw a significant rise in performance:

  • 80% in ARPDAU
  • 70% in revenue
  • 40% in impressions
  • 24% in CPMs

“Chartboost Mediation has outpaced our expectations with its accelerated release cadence, dedicated integration support of top demand sources and ad formats, and intuitive operations and analytics,” said Koenigsberg. “Chartboost Mediation is positioned to be a force in the market and we’re excited for what’s to come.”

Plans are moving quickly to add Zynga’s full catalog of games to Chartboost Mediation, with many of its top titles rolling out over the next two quarters, as well as incorporating Take-Two’s mobile games in the coming months. 

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