Introducing a More Powerful Player Group Targeting

Our partners are seeing a serious increase in retention and overall ROI on their ad campaigns with last year’s launch of Player Group Targeting. Today, we’re excited to release a more powerful Player Group Targeting tool with an improved algorithm to help you reach top quality players—all accessible from your advertiser dashboard.

Previously, you could only select targeted players by platform. Now you can create Player Groups by app, allowing you to target highly engaged player audiences in relevant categories. These targeted campaigns are seeing an average of 13 percent increase in retention and a 27 percent increase in ROI.

The best part? Your group targeting is already set to go with Chartboost-recommended categories that automatically optimize your campaigns. Less work for you with better results.

Read on to learn more about how it works and how to create Player Groups in your campaigns.

For advertisers, better targeting for the highest ROI

By creating Player Groups, you’ll reach the highest value audiences based on game genre, game audience, and gender. You have the opportunity to reach a segment of engaged players and show them ads with the most relevance. In the end, you’ll maximize retention and get the best ROI.

Already have Player Groups in your campaigns? These will be rolled over into app-specific targeting and supported by our new algorithm. Your campaigns and targeting details are still fully accessible in your advertising dashboard.


For publishers, better relevance for your players

With more ad campaigns focused on accurate player segmentation, your players will see more relevant ads in their games. Not only is this a better experience for your players, it increases your eCPM and means more revenue for you.

How to get started

Player Group Targeting is fully accessible in your dashboard under Player Groups in ‘Tools’. Here you can opt to stick with Chartboost’s optimized recommended groups or select your own segments. This is available now for iOS and Android campaigns. See the full walkthrough on creating Player Groups here on the help site.

The team is always here to answer any questions. Send a note to and we’ll help you get started.

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