User Acquisition as Key for Mobile Growth - Tong Xi, ME2ZEN

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April 25, 2019


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Tong Xi is the Marketing Director at ME2ZEN in charge of user acquisition (UA) and monetization. She has been in the mobile gaming industry her entire career and was previously at Zenjoy and Elex-Tech responsible for UA.ME2ZEN is a game developer of social casino and solitaire apps with headquarter in Hong Kong. With more than 1.3 billion users worldwide many of ME2ZEN's apps are among the top in the App Store and Google Play worldwide.In this video, Tong Xi talks about how it is to work with Chartboost on user acquisition, and why paid acquisition is essential for mobile growth now that it's becoming more difficult to acquire organic users.

Video transcript:

Hello, my name is Tong Xi. I?m working at ME2ZEN as marketing director in charge of monetization and user acquisition. ME2ZEN is a developer focused on social casino and solitaire apps. I think for any developer user acquisition is very essential. Right now it?s harder and harder to get free users or organic users.I think choosing the right ad network will not only help you scale a campaign, get more volume, get more users. But also, you can share insights with them. You can grow together. It is a very careful thing to choose the ad partner. Personally, I know Chartboost since the beginning when I joined this industry. Chartboost is one of the early SDK networks, so I think it?s natural to work with Chartboost. For ME2ZEN we have a long time partnership with Chartboost and the Chartboost inventory really match our needs. As a slot and solitaire developer, compared to some RPG games or hyper-casual games, the age is kind of older. I think Chartboost is strong in this part, so they help us find the right user and the right return. My experience with the Chartboost team is always pleasant. The response is in time, the support is enough and they really listen to our needs. ??????Interested in being featured in our Dev Spotlight Series? Fill out this form?here!If you want to learn more about user acquisition, check out our previous blog post User Acquisition For Time-Strapped Indie Game Developers.