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What App Clip Active Devices?

“App Clip Active Devices” refers to the number of unique devices that have logged at least one session with your App Clip. To clarify, an App Clip is a streamlined version of an app that iOS users can use to perform simple tasks. Downloading App Clips is quick and easy, which is why they appeal to users. When a user attempts to install an App Clip, they’re shown an App Clip Card. App Clip Cards tell users about the capabilities of the App Clip in question, share permissions information, and provide a link to the full app. Developers use App Clips to reach new potential users and increase downloads of their full apps.

This is why the “App Clip Active Devices” metric is important. Understanding how many devices have used one of your App Clips will help you determine whether your app marketing efforts are working or not. If you’ve only generated App Clip Sessions on a few devices, you can assume that your promotional strategies are ineffective.

To view details related to the “App Clip Active Devices” metric, login to App Store Connect. Once you’re logged in, navigate to the Metrics dashboard, then click the metric selector in the top left corner. Choose “Active Devices” from the pop-up menu that appears.

For more information on App Clips metrics, visit our other Glossary entries: “App Clip Card Views”, “App Clip Card Views (Unique)”, “App Clip Installations”, “App Clip Sessions”, and “App Clip Crashes”.

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