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What are App Clip Card Views (Unique)?

The “App Clip Card Views (Unique)” metric is similar to the “App Clip Card Views” metric. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, an “App Clip” is a simplified version of an app, which iOS users can access and use without having to download a full application. An “App Clip Card” is the first interaction that users have with an App Clip. As such, it will typically display information about the App Clip, developer permissions details, and a link to the full app, which users can download if they feel so inclined.

The “App Clip Card Views (Unique)” metric tracks how many different iOS 14 (and later) devices invoke a card for a specific App Clip. Let’s pretend you just walked into a crowded coffee shop. Rather than wait in line, you decide to purchase your coffee from the shop’s app. But you don’t want to wait for the full application to download. Luckily, the shop offers an App Clip, from which you can order and pay for your drink without having to wait in line first. Once you order a drink using the App Clip, the coffee shop’s app development team will be able to see your interaction using the “App Clip Card Views (Unique)” metric.

Now, let’s pretend you go back to the same coffee shop a week later. The line is just as long as before, so you decide to order from the App Clip once again. Apple will track this interaction for the coffee shop’s app development team, too. But it won’t display it as part of the “App Clip Card Views (Unique)” metric because this was the second time you used your phone to view the coffee shop’s App Clip. Instead, the information will display as part of the “App Clip Card Views” metric.

For more information on App Clips metrics, visit our other Glossary entries: “App Clip Card Views”, “App Clip Installations”, “App Clip Sessions”, “App Clip Crashes”, and “App Clip Active Devices”.

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