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What are App Clip Crashes?

“App Clip” Crashes” refers to the number of times a specific App Clip has crashed. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, an App Clip is a simplified version of an app, which iOS users can easily download and use to perform basic tasks. Before downloading App Clips, users are shown App Clip Cards, i.e. a digital image that details the capabilities of the App Clip, permissions information, and how to download the full version of the app in question.

Developers use App Clips to reach new users. The hope is that by using a simplified version of their tool, users will be convinced of its usefulness and download the full version. The “App Clip Crashes” metric will help you gauge user experience.

Nobody wants to use a tool that breaks down on a regular basis. If your App Clip crashes often, users probably won’t enjoy using it, which means they probably won’t want to download your full app either. For more information on App Clips metrics, visit our other Glossary entries: “App Clip Card Views“, “App Clip Card Views (Unique)“, “App Clip Installations“, “App Clip Sessions” and “App Clip Active Devices“.

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