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What are App Clip Sessions?

“App Clip Sessions” refers to the number of times an App Clip has been used for one second or more. But to really understand the importance of this data point, you have to understand what App Clips are.

An App Clip is a simplified version of an app, which iOS users can quickly access to perform basic tasks, without having to download the entire application. Before users install App Clips, they’re shown App Clip Cards, which developers use to state the capabilities of the App Clip, detail permissions, and link to their full apps—just in case the user decides they want access to everything the full app has to offer.

Developers use App Clips to introduce their applications to their target markets, and, hopefully, encourage downloads, in-app purchases, and other revenue-generating activities. The only way to tell if your App Clip is serving its purpose or not is to analyze the data, which you can do in App Store Connect. To view “Sessions” details, specifically, login to App Store Connect and navigate to the Metrics dashboard. Then click the metric selector in the top left corner of your screen and select “App Clip Sessions” from the following pop-up menu.

For more information on App Clips metrics, visit our other Glossary entries: “App Clip Card Views”, “App Clip Card Views (Unique)”, “App Clip Installations”, “App Clip Crashes”, and “App Clip Active Devices”.

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