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What are App Store Analytics: App Store Sessions?

“App Store Analytics: App Store Sessions” is a usage metric available to iOS developers. It measures sessions in the Apple App Store.

According to Apple, a “session” happens when an app is used for two seconds or more at one time. In other words, if a user opens your app and immediately closes it before it has time to load, Apple will NOT register a session. But, if the same user opens your app later that day, waits for it to load, then taps a few buttons and otherwise engages with your app, Apple WILL register a session.

The “App Store Analytics: App Store Sessions” metric can be viewed on the Overview page of App Store Connect. It will help you evaluate how users engage with your app and how you can increase engagement in the future.

For deeper insights, Apple allows developers to filter “Sessions” data by campaign, territory, and device. (Note: “Sessions” totals are based on users who have agreed to share their data. As such, the session information available to you will be incomplete, as a portion of your app’s user base will likely opt-out of sharing their data).

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