App store video watch rate

Video watch rate is the percentage of users that start watching a video on a product page.
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What is App Store Video Watch Rate

Video watch rate is the percentage of users that start watching a video on a product page. It’s important to look at the watch rate metric against the average video watch duration which is between 6-8 seconds. The first few seconds of a video are clearly the most crucial so should convey the strongest message that converts well, as, from that point on, there’s a significant drop in watch rate.

Why App Store Video Watch Rate is Important

Video watch rate is important because the longer a user engages with a video, the more chance there is to convert that user. That’s not to say dropping in any long video into a product page is a guarantee, just having one there doesn’t mean there will be an immediate improvement in an app/game’s conversion rate (CVR). Videos need to be executed well, their content needs to be exciting and informative but well-paced: not too fast that it overloads the user with information but not too slow that it lags and gets boring. 

A great video that’s been optimized can improve CVR. It can also improve retention rates and bring life-time value (LTV) users who are more engaged with the app and have more intent which means they’re more likely to return and play. Adding a video increases explorative behavior and reduces decisive behavior. Visitors who watch the video are 3x more likely to install. 

In the App Store, the video plays automatically once the page loads which exposes the video to a large majority of users and is content most suited to decisive users who make their decision to install within 3-6 seconds. Whereas in the Google Play Store the video must be tapped (which encourages explorative behavior). 

It’s important to take into account that a video takes longer than an image or text caption to deliver its message. It can’t be consumed in one go, it can take time to physically load and for users to absorb it. Once they do, you have only a few seconds to deliver your message.

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