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What is Mobile App Monetization?

Mobile app monetization is the process by which developers generate sustainable revenue via their mobile apps. There are many ways to monetize an app. Here are the most popular:

  1. Paid Apps: Users pay to download and access an app.
  2. In-App Purchases: Users pay for a special access, extra features, or an otherwise improved user experience inside the apps they’ve already downloaded.
  3. In-App Advertising: Users are served third-party ads while they use an app. This mobile app monetization strategy is almost always used for free apps only.
  4. Subscription: Users pay for continual access to an app. Many subscription-based apps are also available for free, albeit with limited access and or features.
  5. Sponsorships: Users are exposed to certain brands who’ve partnered with the app in question. Said brands pay apps for this kind of exposure.

When it comes to in-app advertising, most apps partner with mediation platforms. That way they can focus on creating amazing user experiences and marketing campaigns, while the mediation platform handles the behind-the-scenes details needed to serve ads.

Some of the most popular app mediation platforms include Google AdMob, IronSource, Unity, Tapjoy, AdColony, Fyber, Chartboost, and Admost.

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