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What is Mobile App Retention?

Mobile app retention refers to an app’s ability to retain users. The higher an app’s retention rate is, the more likely it is to be profitable. This is because it’s cheaper to retain current app users than it is to acquire new ones, thanks to the costs of marketing.

How to Track Mobile App Retention

To understand mobile app retention for your apps, track metrics like retention rate, churn rate, and lifetime value (LTV). Learn more about each of these terms, in our glossary.

Mobile App Retention Strategies

Some of the more popular mobile app retention strategies include:

  • User Research: The more you know about your ideal users, the better, as this kind of knowledge will help you target high-quality users that your app is likely to retain.
  • Proper Onboarding: Make it as easy as possible for users to start using your apps. You can do this by removing and/or limiting obstacles, like long registration processes.
  • Gamification: Encourage user engagement by turning app usage into a game—even if your app is made for business purposes rather than entertainment.
  • Communication: Keep in touch with your users via push notifications and in-app messages. This is an easy way to encourage them to use your app(s) more.

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