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What is Mobile Game Monetization?

The term “mobile game monetization” refers to the ways in which app developers derive revenue from the mobile apps and/or games they’ve created.

If you’ve recently created your first mobile game, you’re probably wondering how to monetize it. There are a few options available to you. For example, you could:

  • Sell Your Game: Set a one-time fee for your game in the Apple App and Google Play stores. This is the most straightforward mobile game monetization strategy.
  • Sell In-App Purchases: Allow users to download your game for free, then try to sell them extra levels, special weapons, new costumes, etc. for a small fee.
  • Sell Subscriptions: Give users access to your game in exchange for a monthly fee. 
  • Offer In-App Advertising: Allow marketers to buy ad space in your game in exchange for a fee. This is the most popular mobile game monetization strategy.

Mobile gaming is a huge industry. Some apps bring in millions of dollars a year. Others make nothing. Your success in this space will depend on the quality of your game and your ability to market said game to the right users. Get those two things right and you may have a hit.

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