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What are Native Ads?

Native ads are custom ad units that match the content of the media source they’re displayed on. Paid video content on the YouTube app is a good example of this kind of advertising.

What Are the Benefits of Native Advertising?

One of the best things about native ads is that they feel less intrusive to the people who consume them. Because of this, and the fact that native ads have a high degree of contextual relevance, native ads often produce high click through rates (CTRs) and conversions.

What are the Types of Native Ads?

Native ads come in a variety of formats. Some of these formats include:

  • Programmatic Native Ads: Native ads that are deployed via real-time bidding technology. These ads often direct users toward other apps to download.
  • Sponsored Content: Sponsored content is any content that advertisers create for specific publishers. This ad type is used on the internet, but gaining popularity in apps.
  • In-Feed Social Advertising: Native ads that appear in social media feeds, using the same formatting as user-generated posts. This ad type is very popular.

To find success with native ads, try not to disrupt the user experience too much. Doing so won’t win you any brownie points with users. In fact, it might break trust with them instead

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