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What are Sales Per Paying User?

The “Sales Per Paying User” metric measures, you guessed it, the average amount of money your app makes per paying user, over a specific period of time.

To clarify, Apple considers a paying user to be “a unique user, based on Apple ID, who paid for an app or in-app purchases”. To learn this information for your app(s), simply choose a date range. Then divide your app’s total number of paying users within a said date range by your app’s total sales, including associated in-app purchases.

Here’s the official formula: Sales Per Paying User = [Total Sales] / [Total Number of Paying Users].

If, for example, your app generates $1,000 between January 1st and 8th, and has 500 paying users in that time frame, your sales per paying user will be $2.

Why is this information helpful to app marketers like yourself? Once you know how much money you make per paying user, you’ll know how much you can spend on advertising costs before losing money. This will help you fine-tune your promotional efforts and (hopefully!) make a profit.

To quickly see your app’s sales per paying user, login to App Store Connect and choose “Proceeds” in the Metrics tab. 

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