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What are Sessions Per Active Device?

The “Sessions Per Active Device” metric measures exactly what you’d think it would: the average number of sessions an app receives on every unique device it’s been downloaded on.

According to Apple, a session is counted when “your app is used for at least two seconds.” And active devices are “those with at least one session during a given period.”

Here’s the official formula for this metric: Sessions Per Active Device = [Total Number of Sessions] / [Total Number of Active Devices].

To run this calculation for your own app(s), choose a date range. Then divide the number of devices that used your app within said date range by the total number of sessions your app received. For example if 1,000 devices used your app between January 1st and 8th, racking up 5,000 sessions in the process, your Sessions Per Active Device ratio would be 5.

Why is this metric helpful? Because it tells you how engaged your users are. Higher engagement levels usually lead to greater success.

To find details related to your app’s Sessions Per Active Device ratio, login to App Store Connect and analyze the Overview page. Click your ratio number for more information. Filter the data you receive by campaign, territory, and/or device to learn more.

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