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What is a Soft Launch?

When an app is “soft launched” it’s released to the general public ahead of schedule, albeit without the marketing and PR pushes that normally accompany such launches.

What Are the Benefits of a Soft Launch for Your App?

In other words, if your app is set to release on November 15th, but you decide to release it on November 1st instead, and neglect to promote the release ahead of time, you’ve participated in a soft launch. There are a couple of benefits to this strategy…

  1. Soft launches allow app developers to “test” their apps. They can learn what users like and dislike before they officially release their tool/game. Then they can make last minute changes before the app/game is officially released to the app stores.
  2. Soft launches allow app marketers to test marketing strategies. They can learn who their ideal users are and test different methods to reach these people. Then, when the app is officially launched, they can double down on the most effective tactics.

Apps: Hard Launch vs Soft Launch

A “hard launch” is the opposite of a soft launch. When companies hard launch their apps, they’re immediately available in the Apple App and Google Play stores and are usually preceded by large marketing campaigns. While hard launches can provide companies with immediate revenue, they also expose companies to greater levels of risk.

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