Google play experiments

Google Play Store listing experiments or GEx, is the A/B testing functionality provided by Google.
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What is Google Play Experiments

Widely known as Google Play Store listing experiments or GEx for short, it’s the A/B testing functionality provided by Google who themselves describe it as a tool to find: “..the best app icon, images, video, and descriptions for your app on Google Play.” (You can’t currently test an app’s title.) The internal tool enables the testing of these elements on live Google Play Store traffic in order to compare two or more variants with different creatives / messaging to see which versions see higher conversions. App developers/marketers can decide how many users would get to each variation and divert a portion of traffic to test. 

Why Google Play Experiments are Important

A/B testing is vital because conversion rates (CVR) especially for first time installs, is one of the factors that influences mobile growth and specifically organic growth the most, as it signals to the platform to surface the app through charts and search results. 

The insights received from each experiment give a general sense to whether certain creatives work better than others, which is an important aspect of optimization. 

A/B testing increases growth by getting Google Play Store pages to be more efficient in capturing installs from every X number of impressions an app developer / marketer is able to drive through difference channels and sources.

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